Achilles S1284C

Achilles S1284C, a new generation H.D.T. cooler, once again proves that it is possible to do concurrently both good-looking and performance. Its H.D.T. technology and 4pcs Φ8 heat-pipe makes Achilles a remarkable performing and special fan design makes it to reach a silent level.

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With H.D.T. technology and 4pcs Φ8mm heat-pipe, Achilles S1284C creates most efficient heat conduction and outstanding cooling performance.

Achilles S1284C combines transparent colorful fan, Nickel Heat-pipe (Φ8mm), 4pcs white LED lights on fan and anti-vibration rubber

With anti-vibration rubber and Push-pin/Clip for Intel & AMD application design, Achilles S1284C provides users not only silent level but also easy and quick installation



4pcs Φ8mm high performance U type heat-pipes

H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology

Transparent colorful housing and blade

Nickel Heat-pipe 4pcs white LED.

Anti-vibration rubber design

Efficient PWM fan

Light weight


LGA775 push-pin / AM2 & K8 tool-less clip

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