Thercool 30 gram syringe SI-300

Widely used in large smear use

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White thermal grease.This is the most common thermal grease, it is a viscous paste state under the room temperature . Because of its good cost performance advantages, Widely used in large smear use, such us Computer Graphics, Bonding heat sink and motherboard, TV, Color monitor, air conditioning,sound, electromagnetic oven, VCD,DVD and so on.



White thermal grease, the thermal conductivity is 0.65W/m-k~1.729W/m-k The Dielectric constant is very high, can withstand voltages above 10 000 volts. Low thermal impedance, it can endure paste state. Wide Operation temperature range, can keep stable performance between -55~300℃. High heat dissipation performance.



Demand module with high thermal conductivity. Cooling device in the end plate or framework. High speed and large storage drive. Automotive Engine Control. Hard disk drive and DVD drive. Power conversion equipment. High-power LED. Notebook and desktop computers. Network communication equipment. Household appliances, electronic components.



3.5 gram syringe  SI-35

30 gram syringe SI-300



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