Zalman NB32K Northbridge Heatsink

Northbridge cooler with high compatibility and no noise without the use of separate power.

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  ZM-NB32K does not require a fan, thus does not need to be powered, and does not generate noise or vibration.
The Northbridge chipset can be cooled to an optimal temperature without generation of noise.
You can adjust the direction while in installation. So you can prevent the interference with CPU Coolers and other components.
  ※ Recommended CPU Coolers
  CNPS6000 (Socket 462), CNPS6500B (Socket 478), CNPS7000B (Socket 462/478/754/939/940),
CNPS7700 (Socket 775/478/754/939/940) and CNPS9500 (Socket 775/478/754/939/940) allow more stable and silent operation.



ZM-NB32K is compatible with all Northbridge chipsets that do not have a built-in graphics core.
Northbridge chipsets with built-in graphics core are compatible ONLY IF the following conditions are met.
  1) The Northbridge chipset MUST be located between the CPU socket and AGP(or PCle) slot.
2) The CPU cooler must be one of the Recommended CPU Coolers mentioned above.

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