Noiseblocker BlackSilentPro Fan PL1

individual prolongable cablemanagment

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13,99 € incl. BTW


The new premium fan Series based on the frame of the NB-BlackSilentFan, the electronic NB-EKA Plus and the bearing NB-NanoSLI is based on the High End Series NB-Multiframe.

Beside the technical settings the BlackSilentPro fans are equipped with an individual prolongable cablemanagment.

The new developed mountingset incl. the "NB-Silentframe" with the complement rubber part and the long screws with knurled nuts for tool-free assembly is also included.

Original (((Noiseblocker))) Quality
extrem silent, reliable and fail-proof

  • Cablemanagment
    sleeved cable 20 + 50cm
  • mountingset "vibration free"
    Silentframe siliconframe / gasket + knurled nut
  • gasket for more pressure e.g for radiator etc.
    perfect sealing for more air pressure
  • nearly no impuls noise by NB-EKAPlus Drive
  • nearly noiseless NB-NanoSLI bearing
  • startvoltage 4,5V
  • autorestart Funktion
  • cool design black foggy / glossy transparent
  • technical specs:


    size : 120x120x25mm
    weight :  120g
    Rated Voltage: 12 V
    Operating Voltage: 4-13,8 V
    Startvoltage : 4,5 Volt
    Input power (watt): 0,72 Watt
    Input current (A): 0,06A (Max)
    RPM : 900 (+/- 10%)
    dielectric strengtht : 5 mA (Max)
    static pressure: 0,761 mm-H2O
    Airflow : 68 m3/h (12V)
    acoustical noise : ca. 11 dB/A
    MTBF (25°C) : 180 000 Std.
    Connector : connectable 3 Pin Molex incl. singal wire
    Warrenty : 6years

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