Thermalright TRUE black 120 Rev. C

Quiet and powerful cooling due to multiple heat pipes and large aluminum fin area

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TRUE Black 120

  • Proprietary bent winglet design to minimize airflow resistance
  • 6mm heatpipes Black nickel plated to prevent oxidation maintaining best heat transfer condition
  • Heat pipes soldered to base and fins for optimum heat transfer
  • Include both bolt-thru-board retention brackets for Intel and AMD
  • Include NEW thermal paste Chill Factor 2
  • Include 2 sets of fan wire clips for 2 fan installation
  • Dimension :
    L63.44 x W132 x H160.5 mm
    Weight :790g (Heatsink Only)
    Heat pipe :
    Six heat pipes with black nickel plated
    Recommended Fan :All 120mm x 25mm Fan
    Base material :Copper base with black nickel plated

    Processors Compatibility
    Support Intel Core i7 Processor
    Intel Socket 775 & AMD Socket AM2
    Support Intel Core 2 extreme and any Socket 775 Processor
    Support AMD Phenom X4 and any Socket AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 Processor


    TRUE Black 120 FAQ
    Question :  What is the difference between Ultra-120 eXtreme and TRUE Black 120?
    Answer :  The main differences between Ultra-120 eXtreme and TRUE Black 120 are in the color and additional accessories. More specifically, TRUE Black 120 includes the new Chill Factor 2, the upgraded version of the original thermal paste, the Chill Factor. It also has an extra set of fan wire clips for a push-pull, two fan installation. Performance is the same for both in single fan mode.

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